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Enjoy these Reviews spanning the past year from were written by gentlemen who came to visit with me and they in absolutely no way received any compensation for writing discounted appointments, no additional services..nothing at all except the pleasure of my company...which it would seem from reading their writings was more than enough compensation!The gentlemen who wrote them, in most cases are reachable thrugh messaging if you are a member of Eroticmonkey. ch.This way you can ask them any questions you might have.


donkeykongoman67's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details

General Description

I was having a bad week until I saw Lisa, it was one of the best experiences I had, Lisa truly knows how to perform and deliver. I will return to her.

  The Juicy Details Had one of the best sessions of my life, I left with a smile, from ear to ear, on my face and I knew that I will repeat with her as soon as I can. I just have to admit she really gives good head. During the session we would DFK at some points, her pussy was tasty when I ate her. Then the cover went up and we had intense sex in various positions. After an intense pounding in doggy style, I blew all the juice that I had in me. She sucked my dick way better than the women I had some kind of relationship in the past. Next time, I will set a longer session if possible.       Was this review ...? Useful (1) Funny (1) Cool (1)

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dantheman63219's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details

General Description

Lisa is a sweetheart and has a kind soul. She’s very gentle so treat her right it will get you a long way with her.

  The Juicy Details Got to Lisa's incall location. She met me at the front door wearing some thongs, thigh highs and a tee shirt. My first thought was her ass looked great and I knew I would be having some fun. Walked to her bedroom, set the donation on the dresser and we both undressed. I laid down on the bed and she started with some of the softest bbbj I’ve ever had, went on for a few minutes and I wanted to return the favor and went down on her for a while, smelled and tasted great! After a few minutes she slipped the bag on and went at her doggy until I was almost ready to blow. Was thinking about that soft bbbj again and asked her if I could cim and she responded yes, I hurried and slipped the rubber off and she went down and drained me completely. She then got up to spit in the garbage can. She handed me some baby wipes I got dressed washed my hands and was out the door. Looking forward to seeing her again very soon.

sxxxyman6969's Review of Lisa



  • Photos Real:Yes
  • Photos up-to-date:Yes
  • Age:45+
  • Ethnicity:Caucasian
  • Tranny:No
  • Hair color:Blonde
  • Hair length:Long
  • Hair Style:Straight
  • Height:5'5"-5'10"
  • Body Type:Curvy
  • Tattoos:None
  • Breast Size:42+
  • Breast cup:DD+
  • Breast Appearance:Natural
  • Implants:No
  • Kitty:Natural
  • Ass:Normal
  • Smokes:No
  • Pornstar:Yes
  • Punctuality:Yes
  • Services:Escort , Massage , S & M


  • 5 out of 5 Overall:

  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Attitude:
  • Service:


Incall rates

  • 60 Min$ 260


Service Information

  • Intercourse (FS)
  • BBBJ
  • BBBJCIM Swallow
  • Multiple Pops
  • Prostate Massage
  • Deep French Kissing
  • Girlfriend Experience
  • Fingers In the V
  • DATY
  • Greek
  • Two Girls


sxxxyman6969's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details

General Description

I Finally found a Hot Provider the Hottest BBBJ ever after two less than great encounters..they weren't bad, but Lisa Makes the others look like rank amateurs

  The Juicy Details I have seen two other providers this week and was beginning to get passion, no electricity did everything they were supposed to but not like Lisa..She goes the 100000 times effort ..Ok, I called her up actually she said she couldn't talk then so I texted her got a very polite reply we set up a time she gave me the address I confirmed and began to wonder what I was in for.all her recent reviews had been singing her praises and then I saw the last one...wasting no time I made up my mind that it couldn't be worse than the last two..I AM SO F"ing GLAD I WENT..Called when I read the last review as I had already put her on my bucket list and figured like I said it couldn't be any more disappointing than the other two were..I called got the room number and went in to see her dressed in SexY lingerie..She told me when I called that she NEVER goes to the door dressed in her lingerie that she would unlock it for e to come in..too indiscreet she says and with those boobs hanging out of a corset thing I Hugged me when I bent over -put the$260 on the nightstand and she started to help me get naked..she won't get totally buck naked she says her lingerie gets her sexier and it is hot crotchleess stuff she loves her seemingly endless supply of satin, leather, everything lingerie afterword she quikl showed me soeof her things ..she stared sucking my nipples and teasing round my really fucking hard dick going back and forth between my nips and deep kissing me all the time teasing my dick and my asshole with her fingers..kissed all the way down to that sweetest pussy which I ate the hell out of She goddam squirted right in my face..soaks problem she kept stopping and starting to move away from my tongue pulled me on top..she is so ridiculously tight she had to have her legs around my neck to get in here..I finally got a good rhythm sand she cums and about a Bitch in HEAT! shot in the bag then she sucked to get me hard and God does she love to suck both balls and deep throating my pistol like a goddamn vacuum cleaner...Not wanting to cum again without putting my dick in her ass she obliged me got on all fours and I came almost the minute she let me in her a spanking that ass good when I shot...again..we went a little over the hour and she wasn't upset at all far from it wanted to know if I wanted to go again..I would have stayed for another hour but I had another thin to do and I was already way the time I showered an got out the door it was 25 minutes after the hour had passed..she didn't mention it at all but I stuck another 50$ on the nightstand and left my faith restored in El Paso women..which by the way she told me she is very bi and has some friends..providers in the are who she does two girl shows with..Like I said the others just weren't my type not down and dirty enough buy I am hoping to see her with her one fav friend very soon I guess for someone who isn't into the build up foreplay and minds that she tell you what she enjoys she might be too much for that kind of I recommend her totally if and only if you like a woman who is completely and totally into sex.Dammit this is long just so happ y that I was't going to have to go to another city to get laid right!

The first review below is from this past February 2019- and written by Lookin4kitty1,,there are other reviews as well but I don't have enough space to include them  matter of fact I am the most reviewed provider in theTexas/New Mexico areas and have a consistently high 4.6 out of 5 spurt (don't ask me where they got that rating system...from what they drew their can't imagine where or what inspired this bit of alliterative literary genius...sure..

"I really love more mature women (although I had a great time with a younger I described earlier) and found HEAVEN..with Lisa.. did the usual and after a couple unsuccessful tries finally got to see he...WOW was it worth it..Called her when I got to the motel she uses for incall not bad not great but no problems I could her rom number came into the room and she was lying on the bed in some kind of sexy corset thing and stockings NO PANTIES!! hugged her and put the donation $235 and I tipped her so $250 total on her nightstand and while taking off my clothes she stared playing with my nipples..and my balls led me into lying down started sucking an pinching my nipples wiggling her finger very gently in to my asshole..tongued me all the way down to my Super Hard Dick swallowed it effortlesslyl..NO PROBLEM AT ALL..the last lady was really good too but not like Lisa she really seems to get wet doing it like I said a nympho.I have a damn good size maybe 9 inches cock and sh went all the way down like it was two inches sucked really hard then started tongueing all the way up an down and sucking on my bals then swallowing my dick again and again..Wow I am hard writing this..I couldn't hold off and I hot in her mouth she swallowed all of my me hard again while I ate her out pulled me on top of her.she has the tightest pussy ..damn if I didn't know what she does I would swear she was a virgin..fucked her hard for a while then flipped her over and stuck my condom covered dick in her ass..LOVE HER.. she cleaned me up, kissed me and I left..I WILL BE BACK! Did I tell you I asked if she was into girls and she said yes..always wanted a threesome oh yeah!"


 karaokepk's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details General Description Womderful woman who goes the extra mile to ensure that you leave more than satisfied!!!   The Juicy Details So if you are looking for a young hit it and quit it type this is not your gal. If you are looking for a meaningful tantric experience with an older woman look no firther she is the one for you! Very kimd, punctual, professional and lnoes what a true GFE is all about. Very tasty kitty where i could have spent hours just licking on. She fives super great head (BB or covered) and is very attentive to the boys. A definite repeat once you tasted Lisa, you cant get enough...

bestdjinohio's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details

General Description

Saw Lisas reviews and decided to set up an appointment. It took a few back and forths but we finally figured out the details and I'm certainly glad we did. One of the best sessions I ever had, and I definitely will repeat every time I am back in el paso . She showed up at my suite looking like anyone else at the hotel, sexy but inconspicuous. But once inside the room, wow! She instantly changed demeanor and became a voracious sexual Dynamo

  The Juicy Details A met me with a DFK that almost had me cumming in my pants and that was followed by a blur of activity that included an incredible BBBJ with major ball sucking and rimming that ended in a slurping swallowing and sloppy facial combination. All this before we even got undressed fully. Well, after that, we relaxed for a little bit, and then we headed back to the bed for a great massage before round two, which was a total porn film in a short period of time - missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, 69 and even some deep Greek, which she took like a champ. Like I said, one of the best times I have ever had, and a definite recommend to anyone and everyone.

needsomeone89's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details

General Description

Lisa is the real deal. Her rates are awesome and she offers a lot of specials, which is very nice. She's not hard to reach and is super easy to communicate with.

  The Juicy Details Lisa may not be a looker, but she makes up for it with her sexy attitude and mad skills. She agreed to meet up with me at a motel I had booked for the occasion. She arrived right on time looking hot as hell. We wasted no time getting down to business and she dropped to her knees and proceeded with an amazing BBBJ. She gets wet very fast and responds well to stimulation. This provider is a sex fiend, she's down for anything and everything and showed me an awesome time. She's worth a second visit- I recommend her!

omegadestroyer666's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details

General Description

Met her at her incall setup some fun for after class

The Juicy Details OMG what a woman this lady knows how to fuck I've been with a few providers now but man she blows them out the water I've always had an older lady fantasy and I'm glad I acted on it she gave me an amazing bj I thought I was going to pop before the main event then we went into 69 and ate her out I could not get enough of it. Then I pounded on the pussy in doggie and flipped her over to mish and sucked on her titties this girl likes to fuck and its shoes when you visit give her a try she will not disappoint    

thehottguy's Review of Lisa - Spicy Details

General Description

Extremely Sexy Mature Cougar...aims to please and doesn't disappoint !

The Juicy Details I saw Lisa about a week ago...i was looking for an incall meeting with an older more mature Cougar and I found it with Lisa. She uses two call system at her hotel which while not luxury by any means is safe and secure from what I could see. I made an appointment for an hour which she said was on a weekend special for $145. I called her and got her room number when I got there after confirming my appointment a couple hour ahead of it. She old me to come straight into her room as she never goes to the door in her lingerie or sexy type outfit. She said she values discretion both hers and mine. I put the donation on the nightstand next to the bed. She told me to get comfortable after giving me a welcoming hug. Lisa started to caress me and touch my nipples after giving me a deep French kiss..which I love then asked me if my dick would like a kiss....which she did..taking all of it at once!I loved it..she then sucked my balls and licked up and down my cock with her tongue ...she is FANTASTIC!!.. Hell of a Blowjob Queen...I think her age (56)helps her..she is not shy about anything at all..and put her finger gently in my ass to play with it..what a turn on..I shot in her mouth and rested a bit..then I went down on her..she is sooo fresh and clean...She came squirting in my face...then I got on top rode her and flipped her into a deep doggie style pounding..shooting into the condom she provided...she is super friendly and goes the extra mile (s) to accommodate you and make you feel wanted.. She also likes to talk a bit with you which is nice..makes everything less mechanical than with other providers I have seen...I am fairly new to El Paso and will return to Lisa and perhaps check out some other ladies as well